Dinghy has designed insurance with freelancers in mind. It offers professional indemnity, public liability and business equipment insurance policies to both sole traders and limited companies. All policies are flexible - you can dial it up or down, according to how and when you’re working. And prices start at 30p per day, depending on which type of insurance you go for.

In addition to what your specific policy covers, whether that’s disputes with a client or damage to your laptop, Dinghy also helps chase unpaid invoices and provide legal support, if needed. The team at Dinghy knows how stressful unpaid invoices or late payments can be and seek to support customers when faced with this challenge.

Starling customers with a sole trader or limited company business account can sign up to and manage Dinghy through the Starling Marketplace, the space in the app where you can connect to third-party services. We’ll never charge you more than if you went directly to Dinghy and, with your permission, we’ll fill in certain details to make quotes even quicker.

Professional indemnity insurance: A safety net for mistakes

If a mistake is made and your client spends money to put it right, they could charge you to cover those costs. Whether it turns out to be your fault or not, Dinghy can provide cover that will act as a safety net if you fall into disputes with your client.

“When I first started, I wanted to save costs and didn’t set up insurance,” says freelance graphic designer and photographer Adam Flanagan. He became self-employed in 2012 and is currently launching Balanced Creative, a brand and creative consultancy.

“A few years into freelancing, I learned a lot from working with various clients and contractors,” says Adam. “It’s from these past lessons and experiences that I now operate more professionally by using contracts and insurance to ensure that I’m taken seriously and have that safety net to protect myself when it’s needed.”

Public liability insurance: Cover for accidental property damage or injury

We all know that accidents happen. But when you’re a freelancer, those accidents could cause serious financial damage, as well as physical damage. Public liability insurance is what you need if you’re out and about visiting client property for a photography shoot or handling equipment that could result in someone being injured.

Adam, 30, set up public liability Insurance in advance of his first photography shoot at a wine bar in Peckham. They have several more shoots lined up, all based in a client’s property.

Business equipment insurance: 24-hour replacement or instant cash

For most freelancers, their laptops and phones are essential to their business. Dinghy offers 24-hour business equipment replacement, wherever you are in the world. Alternatively, you can apply for money to cover the cost of the repair and manage it yourself.

“The main draw for Dinghy is that it’s flexible depending on your working circumstances. If you’re on holiday or looking for work, you can turn the cover off,” he says. “I originally set it up to cover any legalities and insure my laptop and camera. At the time, I was travelling a lot and Dinghy covered worldwide travel - it ticked all the boxes.”

Freelancer Assist: Chasing late payments

All Dinghy policies include Freelancer Assist, a feature that enables freelancers to file a claim for an unpaid invoice through ARAG, the legal expenses insurer that Dinghy has partnered with.

If you’re owed more than £250, the team of lawyers at ARAG will check your contract and determine the chances of the invoice being paid. If the chance they will succeed is greater than 50%, ARAG will pursue your client all the way to court if required, up to a maximum legal cost of £100,000. They may also decide to pay the invoice themselves, depending on predicted legal fees.

Signing up to Dinghy through our Marketplace

To get started with freelancer insurance from Dinghy, go to the main menu in your Starling business account and tap ‘Marketplace’. Click ‘Browse’ and find Dinghy under the ‘Insurance’ category.

From there, you can either sign up to Dinghy and receive a quote for the insurance you need, or connect an existing policy to pull key information into your Starling app. Once Starling and Dinghy are linked, you’ll be able to see certain data points in the Marketplace. These include:

  • Estimated next payment amount for the insurance
  • Your policy number

“Dinghy’s brand resonated with me,” says Adam. “Being the way I am with design, I felt in tune with its aesthetics and messaging. The same goes for Starling. What I wanted from my business account was something that was easy but also enjoyable to use. With Starling, banking doesn’t feel like a chore. It’s a fun and simple way to manage your finances.”

If you have any questions or concerns about your policy, you can always phone the team at Dinghy - no hold music, no chatbots, just freelance insurance experts keen to help protect you and your work. They also have a quick and easy process, taking you from quote to cover in a matter of minutes, so you can get your insurance sorted in a jiffy.

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