Everybody knows that app-based banking is only for digital natives, right? Wrong. Wherever you are on your digital journey, you can open a bank account with Starling Bank as long as you have a smartphone and a signal.

Some of you have asked how best to help grandparents, aunties or neighbours sign up to Starling. About how to give advice to people who may not always feel comfortable with the digital world. Here are some tips for things you can say and do to make them feel more at home with Starling.

Give them a practical lesson in digital banking

For anyone who is uncomfortable with digital technology, a practical demonstration from someone they trust can be really helpful. If you're happy to share the screens of your own Starling app, walk them through your login process (keeping your password to yourself, of course) and primary functions such as checking your bank balance or setting up a new payee.

The aim is to take the mystery out of digital banking. This might include showing them where your standing orders and direct debits are collected. Or how they can deposit a cheque through the app. Make sure that anything they use their bank branch or traditional bank for is something that they can find and see in the Starling app.

You might also want to show them how to contact Starling customer service. The number to call is on the back of each Starling card, or you can speak to us through the app or on the website chat. There's also a list of FAQs on our website and in the app.

Remind them that Starling is free to try

If someone already has online banking for their current account, they might think that opening another bank account will just mean more fuss. But an account with Starling could actually cut down on financial admin. Payees and standing orders can be set up and edited, all from the app. There's also a breakdown of monthly outgoings meaning that you can easily see where you could save.

Starling is free to try - there are no monthly fees for personal, joint or business accounts. And no one has to close one bank account to open another. Although you can always switch to Starling if you want to. This will close your old bank account and move funds, direct debits and standing orders to your Starling account within seven days, guaranteed by the Current Account Switching Service (CASS).

Talk them through the sign-up process

We're a bank for everyone who has a smartphone. Our bank accounts have been designed to be simple and intuitive and our Customer Service team are on hand, all day and all night, to help.

If you're a Starling customer, you'll know how simple applying for an account can be - no bank branch visits, no form-filling, no three-week waits. Tell them what to expect and if it would help, talk them through the application.

To apply for a Starling bank account, all that person needs is a smartphone and a form of ID, such as a passport or driving licence. After they've put in a few details, they'll need to take a selfie video so that our team can verify the account. Once approved, they'll be able to order a card. You could also give them a demo on how to sign up to Apple Pay or Google Pay. It can come as a nice surprise to pay with your phone before your physical card even arrives.

Tell them about your favourite features

To help someone get the most out of the Starling app, why not tell them about your favourite features? This might be setting up a savings Goal or ordering a Connected card, a second debit card for a carer or friend to buy groceries or supplies. You might like that you can always see your balance in real time without delays. Or that you receive a notification the day before a direct debit is due.

There's a reason that we've been voted Best British Bank three years in row. Branchless, digital banking is here to help around the clock, all from the comfort of your sofa.

The trust factor

Starling is a fully-licensed bank, just like many of the high street names you are familiar with. All Starling deposits are covered up to £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). We're also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).

In the last three years, we've had a lot of people put their faith in us. There are more than 1.3 million Starling accounts and we have more than £1.7 billion pounds on deposit, meaning that lots of people trust us to keep high value deposits safe.

Investors trust us too. So far, we've raised £323 million, including a £100 million grant from the Capabilities and Innovation Fund (CIF), which was set up to improve business banking.

Another source of trust is our team - we now have more than 900 people working for Starling. Our 24/7 Customer Service team and experts in fraud, security and technology are at our core. And we're led by a woman with more than 30 years experience in banking under her belt. From our apprentices to our leadership team, people have joined Starling because they believe in its mission: making banking better.

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