With the outbreak of the coronavirus, many of you will be spending more of your day at home and less time out and about. Here, we highlight features in the Starling app that make money management easier wherever you are.

Starling is designed to help you manage your finances whatever the weather, with a completely digital application process, 24/7 customer support and smart money management features.

Splitting the bill and settling payments

If you've helped an elderly neighbour with their shopping or done a weekly shop for you and your flatmate, there's an easy way to settle up within the Starling app.

Click on the transaction you want to settle up and tap 'Split'. You can then choose how many people to split the payment between and send each of them a link to pay you back. If they're also a Starling customer, they can pay you through their own Starling app. If not, they can use a secure webpage and enter their card details.

Alternatively, you can 'Request Money' of the person who owes you, in the Payments section of the app. Enter a custom amount and a reference to let them know what it was for, then send over a link as a text, WhatsApp or email.

Locking your card, digital wallet or online payments

If you're worried or stressed, you might find that you tend to lose or misplace things. When you can't remember which pocket you put your wallet in or if you've accidentally left your jacket at work, you can lock your Starling debit card instantly from the app. If and when you find your card, you can unlock it again. Or if you're sure it's lost, you can order a new card from the Card Controls section of the app.

While you're waiting for your new card to arrive, which should take three to five days, you can keep Apple Pay or Google Pay unlocked and spend through your phone. There's no need to wait for your physical debit card - once your Starling account is up and running, your digital wallet is good to go.

Instant notifications for completed transactions

It's always useful to know exactly how much you have available to spend and which payments are coming up, especially if the purse strings are feeling tight. With Starling, we'll send you instant notifications for money coming in or out of your account. We always keep you in the loop and show your bank balance in real time.

Notifications for upcoming payments

We'll also tell you when a direct debit is due. If you haven't got enough in your account to cover it, we'll let you know beforehand so that you can top up and avoid the payment bouncing.

All your direct debits can be seen under the Scheduled section of the Payments screen. If you want to cancel a direct debit, you can do this from the Starling app but you'll also need to cancel with the merchant. Otherwise, they'll keep sending requests for payments. You can set up new standing orders or edit existing ones from the same area.

Making international or high-value payments

If you have family or friends abroad and you need to send them money, you can do so with Starling. You can choose from more than 20 currencies.

To make an international payment, tap 'Pay new' and then set up the payee with the appropriate country selected from the drop down menu. On the next screen, you'll be able to see the conversion into your selected currency. We provide a competitive FX rate plus 0.4% with payments made on weekdays. At weekends, you'll be able to do transfers between your Euro and Sterling accounts but the exchange rate will be different because the Forex market is closed. We'll tell you the rate and then you can decide if it would be better to wait until Monday.

Our everyday limit for payments - domestic or international - is £25,000. But you can raise this limit for a 24 hour period if you need to make a high value payment. The whole process can be completed from the Starling app, starting with a call or message to Starling customer service outlining why you need to make a high-value payment and when you want to do so.

The Customer Service team will then pass your request on to our Payments team, who will review it. So you’ll need to make sure that you contact us on a weekday between 9am and 5pm. Once approved, the limit will be raised on your allocated day and you'll be able to make the payment from the app.

Managing your financial life from your mobile

Starling enables you to see an overview of your everyday income and outgoings. You can also organise your savings into Goals, with separate pots for things like rent money, bills or a holiday. You won't be able to spend what's in your Goals until you move the money over into your everyday balance, so that your savings stay both visible and accessible.

Starling can also connect you to third-party providers for a range of financial services. You'll be able to browse all our partners in the Starling Marketplace. Here, you'll find phone insurance, life insurance, online pension plans, mortgage brokers, investment platforms, discount providers and digital receipts.

If you choose any of our partners' products or services, we'll never charge you more than if you went directly to their website or app. Plus, with your permission, we'll save you some of the form-filling by adding your name or address for you. The whole process is seamless and digital.

As always, Starling is here to help walk you through and answer any of your questions. There are FAQs in our app and on our website and customer services are on hand to help: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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