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‘Tis the giving season: Introducing MyBnk

You’ve hopefully seen the exciting things happening on Twitter over the last day or two. The #WinterWonderlist has begun! We’re filling news feeds with wintery photos and rewarding the best pictures with the tech we love. From a VR Headset to a Fitbit and lots, lots more.

But in addition to this, we’re getting into the festive spirit. Because the holidays are not just for sharing, but for giving, and spreading a little seasonal cheer. That’s why we’re supporting MyBnk, a charity who deliver financial education and enterprise experiences directly to young people in schools and youth organisations.

MyBnk offer education to 5-25 year olds, focussing on teaching them to manage their money and set up their own enterprises. Since 2007, they have helped over 160,000 young people in more than 750 schools and youth organisations.

That’s why we want to support and celebrate the work they do in empowering a generation to take control of their futures.

MyBnk’s mission really resonates with us – working towards a not-too-distant future where young people are financially literate and enterprise-driven, contributing to an exciting and well-educated society.

During our #WinterWonderlist competition, we’re therefore donating £1 for every entry up to the value of each prize to this fantastic cause. ‘Tis the giving season, after all!

We recently sat down with MyBnk to discuss more what they’re up to.

Q: For anyone that doesn’t know, who are MyBnk?

A: MyBnk is a charity that brings financial and enterprise education to life for 5-25 year olds in schools and youth groups nationwide, tackling everything from banking and pensions to student finance and enterprise.

We also work with vulnerable young people in key transitional moments such as Leaving Care, pre-release from prison and sheltered housing. New projects are tackling the housing and homeless crisis and digital and employability skills shortage.

Q: Tell us a little about how the idea MyBnk came about.

A: UK personal debt is a record £1.5trillion. The cost of this miss-selling, unemployment and poor decision making is doing us out of £3.4bn a year. Prevention is cheaper than the cure.

Our experience is that teachers, parents and youth workers lack the time and expertise to really hone in on what can be a difficult and dry subject. We know it can work and we know the need is there.

Q: So what are the things you never learned in school, but needed the most?

A: How to manage your money and start a business.

Q: We totally agree with that. And we’re really pleased to have you on board as our winter charity. 

A: Thanks. The backing of Starling Bank puts a megaphone to the money taboo so we can help young people dodge debt, live independently and make informed decisions.

Q: Thank you for getting involved and all your hard work financially educating a generation. 

About MyBnk

MyBnk offer education to 5-25 year olds, focussing on teaching them to manage their money and set up their own enterprises. Since 2007, they have helped over 160,000 young people in more than 750 schools and youth organisations.