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Money doesn’t grow on trees, especially not the ones decorated with baubles with a tinsel star on top. Truth to tell, Christmas can sometimes be a bit of a strain on the purse. So we decided to reach out to Starling customers for tips and advice on how to save some money and still celebrate the season in style.

Get creative with homemade presents

Instead of buying yet another piece of expensive kitchen equipment that may end up in the cupboard, how about getting creative?

There are literally hundreds of home-made gifts you could make yourself, from candles to coasters. Starling customer Anne-Marie shared on Facebook how she makes crackers containing a lottery ticket and a 2p coin so that you can scratch the ticket to find out if you’re the lucky winner.

"My Xmas saving is home-made crackers and each one could potentially be holding £1 million! Use an empty loo roll, wrapping paper and a 2p piece. Pop a lottery scratch card rolled up in loo roll, add 2p piece to use to scratch. Wrap in paper to create cracker and tie ends with ribbon, add a bow and there you have them" - Anne-Marie Jickells

Michael suggested to do some batch baking and package the goodies up in the freezer.

"I make mince pies and freeze them in bags of 6. Make my own Christmas cake and pudding and of course home-made Pickled onions! Oh the joy of home-made!" - Michael Gill

Focus on the kids

Darren’s tip is to buy gifts for the children in your family, rather than trying to cover everyone.

Send a donation to charity

Okay, this is not exactly a savings ideas, but we’ve included it because it’s such a good idea. Georgia says:

Start saving early

And finally, here’s a tip that involves some savvy forward planning

Thanks to everyone for all your seasonal saving tips, and a Happy Christmas to one and all!

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