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What is your everyday job?

I’m a graphic designer running a small studio in South East London, working with fashion and lifestyle brands across digital design, installation and art direction.

What’s your side hustle?

Making ceramic jewellery and accessories under the name of stone-ware, part of a multidisciplinary product design project, which I have run since 2015.

Stone ware in process of being made

How did you get into making ceramics?

A large portion of my professional life is spent in 2D, so I’d always been drawn to making something tangible (and something that didn’t involve a computer screen!). When I began working for myself I was committed to ensuring that a good percentage of my time would be dedicated to making my own work and I was very lucky to get a place on Nicola Tassie’s ceramics class — I’ve been there ever since.

Stoneware necklace and beads

What or who inspires your ceramics work?

Everything! Having been a compulsive collector of references across fashion, architecture, and product design since forever — you don’t realise just how much you absorb sub-consciously over the years. I am also really interested in raw materials. Pottery-people-wise: Hans Coper is an all-time great; Natalie Weinberger is someone making beautiful work today.

Stoneware Issey Miyake

Three things I love...

Pina Bausch’s choreography - I see this dance company every time they are in London; there is a very appealing mixture humour and humanity in her work, which I find very moving.

Everything by Alvar Aalto - I was lucky enough to visit his home and studio in Helsinki back in April, and it was totally inspiring — such great use of materials and clean forms.

Issey Miyake - was a friend of studio potter Lucie Rie, and I think you can tell from his very sculptural approach to fashion. I am also very much into Japanese design.

Next country you’d like to visit that you've never been to and why?

Iceland: looking at friend’s photos from a recent trip, it seems like it’ll be the closest I’ll get to another planet!

Most played album lately...

Noname – Telefone

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