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So Lloyd, what's your everyday job?

I’m a freelance software engineer helping to develop software for companies that has included media, children’s games, finance and public sector.

And what's your side hustle?

Landscape and travel photography. I enjoy exploring new locations and trying to show a different perspective on even the most familiar of places.

This can be at the crack of dawn or at sunset when the light is more magical. At these times there is normally no-one else around so I get the place to myself, which makes it extra special.

How did you get into photography initially?

My interest in photography started several years ago, when travelling with a compact camera to some amazing locations around the world.

I bought my first serious camera for a trip to India, as its such a photogenic country and since then I’ve never looked back.

Photography by Lloyd Lane

How do you balance your time doing your job and side hustle? Is it challenging?

Getting up early for a sunrise, especially in summer when dawn is so early, can be very challenging! I try to travel somewhere once a month, be it in the uk or overseas. It can be hard to find the time but I enjoy travelling to new places, so if I can come back with a decent photograph then so much the better. When photographing during the week, I try to be sociable at the same time, meeting up and shooting with other photographers, and then going to the pub afterwards to catch up.

Favourite photographer?

Sebastiao Salgado. His work is absolutely breathtaking and for some he’s thought of as the greatest living photographer. He became a professional photographer in his 40s, so there’s hope for me!

Your favourite location so far?

Without a doubt it has to be Iceland, where I went last year on a ten day 4×4 road trip across the island. Iceland has such a wide variety of amazing landscapes, that at times can feel out of this world, including majestic waterfalls, icebergs, a crashed US Navy DC plane, and even trolls!

Photography by Lloyd Lane

If you could travel to a new location, where would it be?

There are many, many places I would like to travel to including going back to places I’ve already visited, which I didn’t photograph so well, back in the day. Right now it would be Yosemite, as so many amazing photographs have been shot there (including by the great Ansel Adams), its no wonder its described as a photographer’s playground.

If I weren't me, I'd be...

A cinematographer.

Last boxset I watched...


Would you ever take the leap and make photography a career?

Yes, I would love to, if it was the kind of photography career that allowed me to continue shooting beautiful landscapes.

Want to delve deeper into the work of Lloyd Lane? Check out or follow him on Instagram.

You may also recognise some of these shots – Lloyd’s now well-known Scottish Stag photograph landed on the front pages of the Times, as well as featuring in the Telegraph, Scottish Sun, and online Daily Express. The full story of that marvellous shot can be found on his website.

Many thanks to Lloyd Lane for allowing us to reproduce his copyrighted images on Starling Bank’s The Side Hustle blog series.

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