The Side Hustle: Ever Ever Jewellery

Heading up the production team of a busy video studio is demanding enough; today's Side Hustler Jess Wright also manages to find the time for a creative outlet with her label Ever Ever Jewellery.

Hello Jess — what's your day job?

I’m the Director of Production at a video production company Lemonade Money. We produce content for a variety of high profile brands and broadcast channels.

And what's your side hustle?

I’m a goldsmith and jewellery designer — my company is called Ever Ever Jewellery. I make bespoke pieces, mainly for weddings and also for other occasions. It’s very special being invited to be a part of these moments in people’s lives.

Do your day job skills help you with your side hustle?

I use the skills I’ve gained running a business and apply them to my jewellery business; I’ve realised business management has the same fundamentals, regardless of the product or service.

What inspires your designs?

Life! I can get inspiration from the littlest moments in life — it’s all about staying open to it when the ideas come (and I have my notebook on standby, as they do at very random times!).

And finally...

One piece of jewellery I can't live without

My black and white diamond pinky stacker rings.

Three things I love

My new little family; showing a finished engagement ring to a client for the first time…and sunshine.

Most played song on my playlist

Currently, Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys; I dance around with my baby boy to it.

All photos courtesy of Jess at Ever Ever Jewellery.