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Last August we released the first series of the Starling Developer Podcast. We wanted to explore and share the technical details behind how we built a bank from scratch. In the first series, we discussed how we connected to the UK banking framework, and how we made our functionality available via APIs. We looked at the engineering required to provide a reliable, scalable, and secure banking service. We discussed the pitfalls we encountered and how we overcame them.

Thanks to all of you who downloaded and enjoyed listening to the first series. We loved making it and it was great to get the feedback that it was interesting and useful to you; so we decided to create a second series in which we look into more aspects of creating the bank.

We were very happy to make it to position 11 on the technology podcast chart, and we’re hoping to top that this series!

In series 2 we’ll be looking at the design and development of the mobile apps, what we think of machine learning, and how we are planning to provide payment services more widely, as well as many other interesting topics.

Hosted once again by Jason Maude, the series features more of the Starling team dedicated to making banking better, including: CTO Greg Hawkins, COO Julian Sawyer, Director of Technology Steve Newson, Head of APIs Sam Everington, Product Directors Sarah Guha & Ben Chisell, Head of People Operations Hessie Coleman, Designer Steven Blyth, and App Developers Teresa Ng & Zulfi Khan.

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Starting Wednesday 10th January keep your eyes peeled for the latest episode we’ll be releasing.

Episode 1 - The Evolution of Mobile App Design (10th Jan)

In this episode we discuss how the design of our current account app has developed since its inception. Where do we draw our inspiration from? What sort of design decisions have we made? How have those decisions been affected by customers using our app?

Episode 2 - How to Build a Banking App (17th Jan)

In this episode we discuss how our banking app has been developed, and what we’ve learnt along the way. We look at the differences between an app designed to be the main portal to your current account and other apps that you might have on your phone. We also finally answer the question: Which is better and what are the differences?’ iOS or Android (or are they about the same)?

Episode 3 - Building a Company Culture (24th Jan)

In this episode, we discuss company culture. When you’re running a startup bank do you adopt the culture of a bank or the culture of a startup? Can you do both – and if so how do you merge them? How can you maintain a dynamic working culture as you grow, and how does that affect your hiring practices?

Episode 4 - Changing Architecture in a Live System (31st Jan)

In this episode we discuss the how you can have the confidence to change code that is live and in use, even when operating something as sensitive as a bank. How can engineers be empowered to make necessary changes to the code? How can you be sure that failures won’t occur? And is testing important? (spoilers: yes)

Episode 5 - Does AI & Machine Learning have a place in banking? (7th Feb)

In this episode we discuss big data, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). How could these new technologies be used in a banking environment? How could they be used not just to benefit the bank, but also to help customers manage their finances? Are these technologies science fiction, or just around the corner?

Episode 6 - Payment Services (14th Feb)

Using our APIs we built Payment Services to allow our clients to benefit from fast and convenient payments. In this episode we look at how we are providing the Payment Services to consumers more widely. We look at how sole traders, companies, and even government departments can benefit from the same systems we have built for our current account.

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