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_You won’t find us trying to fit into anyone else’s image of what a banking or tech start-up should look like, so why shouldn’t this apply to us as a place to work, too? We’re taking the same approach to careers, employee experience and customer services as we do to our core products with our innovative new scheme – the ‘Passport to Starling’. _

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Customer service is traditionally an industry with high turnover and not seen as the most exciting type of work – not much variety, opportunity to contribute or room for careers advancement and autonomy.

Why should that be the case though?

Being passionate about employee experience and having been given a blank canvas, we have come up with a new way of structuring our contact centre to both avoid these challenges and actively make it exciting – not just ‘a job’, but a career opportunity!

Our Contact Centre is the ideal place to learn how start-ups work, understand what makes customers tick, and develop new transferable skills. We are all for blossoming careers and have committed to developing our Superstars in our Payment Operations team within the first 12 months, and that’s just the beginning – this is the Passport to Starling! If someone has a particular interest or experience in an area such as Marketing, Product, Risk or even Software Engineering, we will aim to place them there.

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\"I studied an integrated masters in Product Design and Manufacture. I really liked studying what is known as Human Factors and applying a customer focus to product development. Using my position in the contact centre, I hope to learn about our customers and perhaps move to work more with the product team.\" – Harry, Contact Centre Superstar

Who truly knows what they want to do when they grow up?

I certainly didn’t know I wanted to be People Ops/HR for a startup until I got the opportunity to give it a go through an internship (and even then I took a few years to do other things first).

With Passport to Starling, we can bring in fantastic people to support our customers but also help them develop and grow into the areas they are most interested in. Whether they find the right fit immediately or want to test out a few different options before they commit – that’s okay. Or if customer service is their passion and they want to grow in that space – we can make that happen too.

Whatever career you want for your future, the Passport to Starling can get you there.

So if you’re interested in technology or banking – or simply want to change the world and have a load of fun whilst doing it – Starling could be the place for you.

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\"When I first applied I thought that risk is where I wanted to gear towards however I have enjoyed working with the marketing team, so who knows!\" – Albana, Contact Centre Superstar
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