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Starling has gone from strength to strength. Since our first blog in May 2015, we have raised $70 million of funding, signed the Women in Finance Charter, launched our mobile personal and business accounts, Marketplace, Starling Payment Services and made lots of feature updates to our app. We started our blog as a way to share all this exciting news with you, explore topics related to managing your money, and explain new features in depth (Twitter’s 280 character count only gets us so far).

The purpose of this blog is to find out more about the types of content you like and what you would like to see more of.

Our blog

  • Product updates: Keeping you in the loop so that you can get the best out of your Starling app and know what to look out for in the future.
  • Problem solving: Looking for solutions to make banking faster and easier is exactly why Starling was founded. Technology is key for us and we love sharing how digital solutions can take some of the stress out of managing your money.
  • Transparency: This is one of our core values and to that effect, we want to debunk financial myths, explain the acronyms and therefore help you feel more informed when making financial decisions.
  • Putting a face to a name: Being a mobile bank means that we don’t have face to face contact with our customers like banks with branches do. But that doesn’t mean that our customers can’t get to know the people building Starling. Lots of different people in the team get involved in our blog and share their voice. We also want to communicate what it is like to work here for those of you who would be interested in joining us!

Our stats

So far our most popular blog posts have been…

  • Articles written by Anne about her experiences
  • Debunking banking industry (eg. GDPR, How banks make money)
  • Product road maps (plus detailed product features).

Our communication

  • Social media: This is where we share quick updates, industry news and latest achievements. We also use social media as a platform where customers can raise issues or ask questions to be answered by Customer Service.
  • Community: Our forum is at the heart of our engagement with our customers and how the app develops. Members can make feature requests, discuss existing features, comment on our blog comment and start conversations around industry news and issues.
  • Email: For customers who have consented to be contacted by email, we share feature launches and regulation updates.
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