We’re a busy team here at Starling Bank. We spent the first three months of the year focusing on launching our business accounts which took a huge amount of effort from the team. We’re now adding new and very useful features that have been requested since we launched our personal accounts last year. These will continue to be released alongside the bigger projects that will be coming up this year such as euro accounts and term loans that will allow you to spread the cost of large purchases.

This week, we’ve added more handy features to our personal and business bank accounts to help you manage your money. And while you’re here, we’d also like to share some features that you may have missed in previous updates to the app.

New features...

Search: Type and search through retailers, people, Goals and payment references in seconds – no more endless scrolling to find that refund.

Notes and attachments: You can now jot down in-app notes for money in or money out and add photos of receipts. So you don’t need to worry so much about collecting and losing lots of paper receipts.

Merchant blocking: We’ve added a new toggle in Card Control to increase friction and therefore time for reflection when it comes to gambling and betting. You can read more about this feature in our blog post.

Building with Starling: Here at Starling, we pride ourselves on our APIs, developer community, and resources to help you build apps and integrations with us. We’ve recently opened up webhooks for personal use with your current account, so you can build custom integrations without the headache. Do you want your Amazon Alexa to play ‘Celebration’ every time you get paid? Or for your lights to turn on when you spend money at the supermarket on the way home from work? Now you can build it!

Did you know...

Pay: With Starling, you can add multiple bank accounts for one contact and see upcoming or past payments to that person in the app.

Spending: We automatically categorise your payments for you. But if you want to recategorise these, you can do so by tapping the category and selecting a new one. On the same screen, you can also suggest an improvement to a logo or location. Plus, you can split the bill and send a request to a friend to pay you back using Settle Up straight from the app.

Home: When you open your transaction feed from the Pulse, you can see how much each day cost you. For every day we’ll show you the total of all incoming and outgoing payments so you can see if you’ve had an expensive (or cheap) day out.

Account: If you need to print out or email a copy of your bank statement, you can export it to PDF and CSV. To do this, click the menu icon in the top right corner of the home screen, then ‘Statements’. You can also see how much interest you’ve earned in previous months for your personal account (you’ll receive interest at 0.05% AER on balances up to £85,000 – the amount protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme).

Card: If you lose your card (but you have a feeling it might be at a friend’s) you can lock your card for ATM withdrawals and online and in-store payments but keep mobile wallet open so that you can continue using your account through Apple Pay or Google Pay. If you’re sure that you’ve lost your card and need to cancel it, you can do this in the app. We’ll then give you a new digital card which you can add to Apple Pay or Google Pay while you wait for the physical card to pop through the letterbox.

Goals: Whether you’re saving for a summer holiday or a rainy day, you can schedule certain amounts to come out of your everyday balance into your Goals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The Goals feature helps you to organise your money and makes saving easier.

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