For too long, people have been worried about switching their current account through the fear of hassle. In fact, you’re more likey to get a divorce than switch your bank. And there’s a reason for that — for one there’s not all that much difference between banks (besides the colour of the carpets) and let’s face it, we’re busy people. We don’t have time to go through our accounts and move over every single payee, standing order or direct debit ourselves. Especially if we have to reach out to utility providers through one of those really great call systems – you know the ones with the lovely hold music?

That’s why last summer, when the Competition and Markets Authority published a report of its market investigation into Retail Banking, one of the heaviest focuses was to improve account opening and switching processes to give customers a better deal.

The Current Account Switch Service is a government initiative designed specifically to help avoid the drama of changing banks. Using the service, people can request a seamless switch of their current account. Within seven days your money will be moved over, as will incoming and outgoing payments such as standing orders, direct debits, salary and benefits.

It sounds simple, but the problem is, to make a switch with traditional high street banks, often you still need to book time out of your schedule to go into a branch or make a lengthy phone call to request the switch (often with more lovely hold music), not forgetting to provide a collection of documents and details. When we’re able to take care of every other aspect of our lives from the palm of our hands, and at a time that suits us, it seems a little crazy that so much of banking remains arduous.

At Starling, we envision a world where your bank account revolves around you, rather than the other way round. That’s why, we are the first bank to offer a mobile Current Account Switch Service to our customers making it really easy for anyone to switch their current account anywhere and at anytime. You can simply request to switch in app and make the switch with no stress, no fees, and no worries.

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We think people should be doing the things they want to do, no matter if that’s running a marathon or catching up on Netflix (we don’t judge). When you’re doing the things that matter, such as dining with loved ones, exploring new cities, building fresh talents or pursuing your passions, that’s when you’re truly living. Nothing should get in the way of that, especially not your bank account. Our belief that people should be out doing the things they love drives our support of the Current Account Switching Service — a natural step for us. We completely agree that customers deserve choice, that they should be able to go after a better deal if the opportunity arises, and they shouldn’t be held back by unnecessary admin or hassle. It means, if you decide that being able to see your whole financial life from your phone sounds like the best choice for you, it can be done in a few taps.

We’re pretty excited about being able to provide CASS because we believe it puts the most important person in full control of your account — you. That’s why we built our own systems to automate this and keep you informed of everything through the app regularly as it happens, in real-time.

iOS users have been enjoying this feature for a few weeks now, and we’ve been delighted with the amount of users who are ready to make the full switch to a current account that revolves around them. Now the wait is finally over for Android users too.

As of today, customers on Android will be able to access the “Switch to Starling” page in the app and request a switch within a few simple taps. This is a first for Android users in the UK and it means that you no longer have to be tied down to a bank which isn’t evolving with you or helping you to live a healthier financial life.

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