To make budgeting and managing bills even easier, we’ve introduced a new feature called Bills Manager. You can now pay your Direct Debits and standing orders directly from a Space. Saving Spaces are like virtual piggy banks and allow you to set money aside from your main balance.

Once set up, money for things like your rent or electricity bill can come straight out of the Space of your choice. The new feature is available to all Starling personal and joint account holders.

How can our Bills Manager feature help?

There are lots of ways you can use Bills Manager to simplify your spending. Here are a few ideas:

  • Rent - when you’re paid, you could ring-fence your monthly rent and pay your standing order to your landlord from your ‘Rent’ Space
  • Household bills - work out how much you need for your mortgage, electricity and heating bills, council tax, WiFi, TV licence and housing insurance, then set money aside when you’re paid and pay Direct Debits straight from the Space
  • Credit card bill - if you spend on a credit card, set that money aside in a Space and repay the balance by Direct Debit
  • Savings and investments - you could move money into a Space as soon as you’re paid, to avoid temptation, then set up Direct Debits to your ISA or pension
  • Charity donations - set aside money you plan to donate to charity and set up one or multiple Direct Debits, depending on how many charities you regularly support

To use the Bills Manager feature, go to a Saving Space, tap ‘Manage Space’ and then ‘Pay bills from this Space’. You can then choose which of your Direct Debits or standing orders you would like to pay from this Space.

Peace of mind

The day before a Direct Debit is due, we’ll send you a notification that a payment is needed the next day. If you don’t have sufficient funds in the Space to make the payment, we’ll let you know, so you have time to add the funds you need.

On the day the bill is due, if the payment can’t be taken because there’s not enough money in a Space, we’ll send you a notification. You’ll have until 4pm that day to transfer the required amount into the Space to make the payment. Otherwise, the payment will be declined. When using the Bills Manager feature, the bill can only use the money from your chosen Space, not your main balance, even if you have enough to cover it.

We’ll also tell you when a payment has been made, specifying which Space it has come from.

Budgeting with Spaces

Now that you can pay Direct Debits and standing orders from Spaces, you may find it even more straightforward to budget with Starling. You could keep funds for essential outgoings (rent or mortgage, household bills, childcare) in Spaces, separate from your main balance. You can also keep savings (rainy day fund or investments) set aside.

This would leave funds for other spending (food shopping, meals out, entertainment,) in your main balance, giving you a clearer view of available spending money.

Automatic top ups

If you know how much you need for essential bills or regular investments, you could automatically move this amount into your Spaces every week or month, into a Space for ‘Bills’ or ‘Investments’. In fact, an automatic transfer, with a bit extra, can help make sure there’s always enough money in the Space to cover your payment.

To do this, first select the Space that you want to use. Then click ‘Manage Space’ followed by ‘Automatic Transfer’. You can then select the amount, frequency, start date and end date for a transfer.

Automatic transfers can also be set up for Kite, our debit card for kids, and our Connected card, designed to be given to trusted friends, neighbours or family members, who can then buy groceries or household items on your behalf.

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