The Starling app is packed with nifty features to help you manage your money. Here, we highlight a few favourites, chosen by Team Starling.

Card and payment details in the palm of your hand

When you bank with Starling, you can check card details or arrange a secure PIN reminder simply by logging into the Starling app. You can also see your account number and sort code by tapping the menu button.

Like Becci, Edward also mentioned Starling’s real-time notifications, which we send every time money moves in or out of your account - and the day before a Direct Debit is due.

Tracking outgoings and splitting the bill

Did you know that you can attach photographs of receipts to your Starling transactions? You can even add a hashtag to group transactions together, as explained by Louise.

Next step: sort IOUs with Settle Up or Nearby Pay, features that enable payments between Starling customers without the exchange of account numbers or sort codes.

Setting money aside with Spaces

One of our most popular features is Spaces, the tool that enables you to name a savings goal, choose a photo to illustrate it and set money aside from your everyday balance.

You can also switch on Round Ups to save money every time you spend. For example, if you buy a hot chocolate for £3.50, it would automatically add 50p to your savings. There’s also an option to increase your Round Up savings.

Features launched in response to lockdown

When the first national lockdown was announced last year, Team Starling set to work on launching features and products to make life easier for our customers. These included in-app cheque deposits, meaning you no longer have to post cheques under £500 (£1,000 as of July 2022) - you can simply take a photo of the front and back of the cheque and let us do the rest.

We also launched our Connected card, designed to help trusted neighbours, friends or family members buy groceries or essentials on someone’s behalf. Patrick is one of 20,000 people to set up a Connected card. And one of many happy customers.

Fast and simple to apply for an account

To apply for a Starling bank account, simply download the app and follow the on-screen instructions. Once approved, you can add your card to your Digital Wallet and instantly start spending, saving and earning.

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