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At Starling, we love the concept of Open Banking – it gives customers choice and encourages competition among providers to offer the best possible experience to customers. We’re also excited to be at the forefront of Open Banking, having been the first bank in the UK to release a suite of tools (APIs) to allow third parties to get their ideas off the ground (you can see some of these in our Hackathon video); and to release an in-app marketplace which allows Starling customers to enhance their experience with apps and services from experts in their areas (for example Flux).

So with that, we’re really excited to announce our latest partner, Yoyo Wallet! Yoyo Wallet is an app which allows you to collect loyalty points at a growing number of merchants across the UK and Ireland such as Planet Organic, Fernandez & Wells, Wrap it Up and HOP Vietnamese. You can learn more about Yoyo Wallet.

Yoyo app integration with Starling

With any other bank, in order to collect loyalty points you would have to manually pay using the Yoyo app using a QR code scanner. However we have created an experience together with Yoyo, using our APIs, which means you don’t need to use any separate apps to pay. You just need to securely connect your Yoyo account to your Starling account from the Yoyo app and allow Yoyo to view your Starling account transactions. You will then be able to collect loyalty points whenever you use your Starling card, ApplePay or Fitbit Pay at a merchant partner. Essentially, it makes spending easier and takes away the hassle of having to pay using your Yoyo app rather than your usual method of paying!

So, as you spend on your Starling card you’ll now automatically accumulate points at Yoyo merchants (note that it’s not available for stamps, yet). In the future, we’ll also look to bring Yoyo into the Marketplace part of the Starling app, so you can connect from there and also see your loyalty offers from within Starling, so stay tuned.

At the moment, Yoyo have only built their integration with Starling in their iOS app, but Android will be coming very soon. They’re also working hard to allow you to collect stamps at merchants as well as just points, and to bring you itemized receipts for everything you have bought at Yoyo retailers. We wanted to say a big thank you to the Yoyo team from everyone at Starling for bringing this experience to our customers, and we’re really excited to be leading the way in Open Banking together.

While all banks in the UK will be required to offer APIs next year, we’ve already built out our APIs and the personal finance Starling Marketplace so that we can bring our customers new innovative products, features and enhancements quickly, not because we’ve been told to. You’re going to see a lot more integrated apps and services coming from our partners over the coming months, and you can stay up to date by following us on Twitter.

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