Some people start their business from their garden shed. Others from their kitchen table. Wherever you usually work - whether that’s at home or in a commercial space such as an office or a shop - our Starling Marketplace partner Bionic is here to help.

Bionic enables businesses to find the right energy deals. Its technology saves you from filling out too many forms and the Bionic team of experts can help manage your energy switch from start to finish. They’ll also provide automatic price-checks and reminders when it’s time to renew. Bionic is committed to transparent and competitive pricing, just like Starling.

How can Bionic help?

Saving money on regular outgoings such as energy can make a huge difference to your business expenditure. Bionic’s role is to check that you’re not overpaying on your energy bill. There’s no obligation to switch - if you already have the best deal, you can stick with that. But if there is a cheaper or greener alternative that you want to sign up to, the team can help you through that process.

How do I connect to Bionic?

If you use Starling to manage the finances for your limited company, go to the app and find the Marketplace in the menu. This is the space where you can browse our integrations with a range of services that can help to grow your business.

Bionic is listed under ‘Utilities’. The onscreen instructions will guide you through the sign-up process, which should only take a few minutes and then you can start browsing the energy deals available. Bionic is trusted by uSwitch, Money Supermarket and to provide their business energy comparison and switching services.

How much will it cost?

Bionic can provide energy switching for all sorts of businesses. It’s an independently owned company and always tries to secure customers the best deal possible. The commission it receives from providers is included in the price you pay. This pays for the Bionic service, including comparison, switch management, customer service and renewals. If you’d like to know the exact commission for a simple energy contract, you can reach out to the Bionic team and they’ll reply within 24 hours. On larger and more complex contracts the agents will discuss the exact commission with you.

If you sign up to Bionic through the Starling Marketplace, you’ll never pay more than if you went directly. It’s our Starling Promise.

Bionic (the word connotes humans enhanced by technology) has been designed to make it cheaper for you when it comes to gas and electricity. It also strives to provide the best technology and customer service.

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