Starling is now an authorised UK bank. From today we are Starling Bank.

We’ve received our banking licence, with restrictions, and now we can move forward with introducing a new style of banking to consumers.

We’re delighted to receive the confidence and support from the regulators.

Our team has spent a considerable time – as you might expect – building our product and technology from the ground up. This work will continue with customers joining our platform, co-creating and testing our product over the next few months

We’re driven by the goal of empowering people to better manage their money. We’ll do it with a bank account purpose-built for those who happily manage their lives on their mobile.

It’s considered the traditional way of banking – spreading finances over various accounts, loans and cards, and losing a sense of your overall financial position in the process. Starling Bank will offer our customers just one account, using data and insight to deliver a great banking experience on a superb, efficient app developed for Android and Apple simultaneously.

It’s been a turbulent time for the banking sector. The recent Brexit debate, and subsequent referendum, have left some wondering about the future of fintech in London, and indeed all of Europe. Our team will push ahead with our plans to deliver a great product. Our aim is to invite Alpha and Beta testers to open accounts before the end of 2016.

Since coming together in 2014, we’ve successfully attracted and retained some incredibly talented people and there are more joining us every week. Those who have come with me on this journey and challenge the sector are creating something focused and unique. Starling Bank’s development has been incredible and we’re only travelling in one direction – forwards.

This is a significant day for the team at Starling Bank. We can’t wait to introduce ourselves to you all.

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