We’ve patiently waited whilst our cousins over the pond have had their fun, but now Google Home is coming to UK shores.

It’s only when you find yourself talking to a robot about the weather that day, you finally realise you’re living in some kind of sci-fi reality. Something 11 year old me used to dream about alongside flying cars and being a comic book hero.

And there’s something particularly ‘Tony Stark’ about this one.

Google Home motion

It’s a powerful, sleek desk companion, with heaps of exciting functions to make mundane life a little easier. Just hands-free simplicity with responsive intuition.

We’ve had Siri & Alexa, but it’s always felt like there was a missing piece to the puzzle. That piece has finally been found, in the form of the new kid on the block, Google Home.

And no, it’s not a home designed by Google (although considering some of the Google offices around the world, that would be pretty cool!).

Instead, it’s basically the 21st century’s answer to ‘Jeeves’.

So here’re the 7 things we’re most excited to experiment with.

1. Talk to your lights

The Internet of Things (or “IoT”) is opening so many doors. Whether you’re getting in bed and realising you left the downstairs light on or you don’t have any strobe lights for that house-warming party you promised. Google Home has got your back.

You can pretend you’re in an Ibiza club while your friends rave the night away. And the best part is you can join them and not stand next to the light switch all night long while they have all the fun.

Two people dancing

2. Personal DJ

Now if you’re hosting a dinner party and something embarrassing pops up on your playlist, just shout ‘Skip this song’ and your credibility will remain unscathed. And the following morning, when you want to put some mellow Ed Sheeran on and your legs don’t work like they used to before?

Google Home will play Spotify while you remain snuggled up and cosy. If only it could cook a full English at the same time…

3. Ask Starling what your balance is

Wondering how much you can splash on a shopping spree before you leave the house? Smart move. Instead of a few clicks away, now you’re only a few words away.

We played around and created an integration that reveals the great potential of voice banking, asking ‘Okay Google, ask Starling what my balance is’. No excuses not to know if you can buy those flatforms or pay your pal back for that stuffed crust pizza now. Check out the video below.

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4. Find your phone (again)

There’s almost nothing worse than not knowing where you’ve left your phone. Especially when no one is at hand to ring it for you. Just ask your Google Home to find it and, hey presto, it’ll place a call.

The crack between the sofa cushions or yesterday’s jacket will never get in the way between you and your Instafame again.

5. Make a shopping list

Tired of constantly being stuck on what to add to your shopping cart, or going to the supermarket? Google Home will not only make a shopping list but also order it for you too.

If you’re hands deep kneading dough and you realise you forgot to pick up some chocolate chips, just give your Google Home a shout. Oh 21st century, you are delightful.

Homer Simpson not enjoying supermarket shopping

6. Pick the top news

No more reading the BBC News updates whilst you get ready for work. Reading is so last year. Just ask Google Home what’s going on and it will pick the top news headlines, hand-picked especially for you.

7. Check out the traffic before you leave

Want to check the M25 before you jump in the car? Your morning commute will be transformed. Working out what tube lines are going to disrupt your Monday morning vibes will mean you’re never late for that 9am again.

And if you’re lucky enough to be shooting around London’s streets in anything other than a Boris Bike or a scooter, you’ll be like lightning anyway.

As you can see, we’re excited to get our hands on the latest tech. We love our Alexa, so having more gadgets to play with is a treat!

Plus, there’re a crazy amount of additional features rumoured to be finding their way into Google Home over the next six months too, so watch this space!

Man cheers with a drink and friends clapping
Congratulations, Google Home. Can't wait to see how you compare to our Amazon Echo.
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