Matt Newman

Matt Newman

General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer

Clare NestorSteve Newson

As General Counsel, Chief Administrative Officer and Company Secretary, Matt is responsible for legal affairs, including overseeing, identifying and dealing with all legal issues which affect Starling. Matt has been a partner at three law firms, most recently Thomas Eggar, working in corporate law and acting for a number of financial services institutions.

He joined Starling because he was interested in trying to do something that would change things. Anne Boden had been a client for many years and they had worked together on successful projects, so he thought he’d go “all in” with Starling to give himself a new challenge (plus his wife thought he’d be good as an in-house lawyer).

If he wasn’t working at Starling, Matt would probably still be satisfying his obsession with detail as a lawyer somewhere, but he would love to be a golf course architect.

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