Rent. Bills. Everything else. We get it, you need an easy way to stay on track of it all so you can get back to doing more important things.

That’s where the Starling joint account comes in. It’s the same Starling account you know and love but with room for two, so you can keep tabs on all your in-and-outgoings together in real-time from your iPhone or Android.

Branch-based set up? No thank you

If you already have a Starling personal account you can set up a free Starling joint account together in minutes from your living room, the beach, on the train or (pretty much) anywhere, so long as you’re sitting next to each other and both have the Starling app.

With instant payment notifications, month-by-month spending insights and a space for all your finances in one place you’re good to go. Plus, you’ll both get a teal Starling Mastercard Debit card and be able to see who spent what from the Starling app.

So now you both have full transparency on where your money’s at, and there’s no more guessing if one of you forget to buy milk on the way home.

Getting closer with your money

“We use it for all our joint purchases; everything from the weekly shop to meals out with friends,” said Alex Forbes. “The instant notifications have helped curb my partner’s habit of buying tickets without telling me - I am no longer surprised to learn that I’ve bought tickets to Pink at Wembley!”

Do something great, together

And with all that taken care of you can focus on the good stuff. A holiday? A new kitchen? A pet guinea pig? You name it - with joint Starling Goals you can start saving up for your next adventure together.

Not just for lovers

Joint accounts aren’t just for couples. Maybe you share costs with a close friend or a flatmate. Whether it’s covering the cost of an around-the-world trip with a buddy, or just splitting the rent and utility bills with your fellow tenants, this account is ready to serve you too.

Ready to set up?

Start by going to the Starling app, tapping your picture or initial in the top corner, and then click “Get another Starling account”. We’ll guide you from there.

And if you already have a joint account, you can also switch to us stress free with the seven day Current Account Switch Guarantee.

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