Free money?

Fraudsters may ask to use your bank account. This could include a request to transfer money between other accounts, withdraw money on behalf of a third party, often offering you a percentage of the funds as an incentive. They may also offer you money to hand over your Starling login details, and they will take control of your bank account.

They may come across as a genuine way to make money, such as a job offer, but by doing this you could be helping to move the proceeds of crime. In which case, you are acting as a money mule.

This can have devastating consequences, both personally and financially.

The consequences of being a money mule can be very serious:

  • Your bank account may be closed and you may struggle to open a new one
  • You may be turned down for various forms of credit (including student loans and phone contracts)
  • The maximum prison sentence for this type of activity is 14 years.

We want to help you keep your bank account safe. Never let anyone use your personal bank account to send and receive funds, and never share your banking login details.

To find out more, read our blog post on money mules or read more from UK Finance.

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