Steve Newson

Steve Newson

Chief Technology Officer

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As Starling’s Chief Technology Officer, Steve is responsible for the delivery of the company’s software across the board, from mobile and servers to the database and platform, alongside the core infrastructure that supports it all. He plays an integral part in the entire technology stack, both managing and developing from the ground level up.

Steve began his coding career at the age of 10, but started getting paid for it 17 years ago. He spent 12 years at Alfa as a consultant and software developer, after which he moved onto LMAX as a senior developer, with stints in CTO roles throughout.

Steve seized the opportunity to join Starling early on in 2015, because he’d found himself frustrated with the slow-moving processes and planning of the big established banks; he believed that they weren’t making use of the possibilities of technology and was excited by the idea of a building an entirely modern bank from a blank slate.

If Steve wasn’t working at Starling, he’d probably still be coding - but ideally on a boat sailing around the Med.

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