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The first partner to be integrated into Starling’s Marketplace is Flux. They’re on a mission to get rid of paper receipts and change the way people use loyalty cards (and we think they’re onto something).

Hang on — what’s Marketplace again?

At Starling, we believe in doing one thing – and doing it well. So we’re trying to build the best current account in the world.

But we know it doesn’t end there. The financial landscape is changing fast, and there’s a growing line-up of smart and trailblazing products working to revolutionise the way we manage our money. The personal finance Marketplace gives you access to that financial ecosystem through your phone, connecting you with those resources in app, with a tap.

It sounds simple. Because it is.

Find out how Flux is getting rid of paper receipts.

What you can do with Flux and Starling

Activate in less than 30 seconds

Capture detailed receipts on your mobile in real-time

Get automated loyalty freebies via cashback

Apply for a Starling current account today and enjoy app-based banking at its best.

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