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The Starling Marketplace puts our customers at the centre of a wider financial ecosystem. They’ll be able to choose from a range of products and services that are integrated with Starling, giving them control of their money like never before.

Here are some of our partners so far.

Nimbla logo

Not all customers are as reliable as you, so it’s important to have invoice insurance. Cue Nimbla – the insurer that allows you not only to better assess the risk of individual invoices, but also insure them against non-payment. It’s an easy way to protect your business against the risk of loss from bad debt.

CyberSmart logo

Stop cyberattacks dead in their tracks with CyberSmart. The innovative platform helps SMEs identify digital vulnerabilities, fix issues with a cloud-based dashboard, protect your devices and comply with cyber security standards – including GDPR.

Digital Risks logo

When you run a digital business, mistakes can and do happen. With Digital Risks, you can protect yourself from the unexpected with subscription-style insurance policies – from professional indemnity to cyber security. Get a quote from your Starling app and set up a cover in minutes.

Growth Street logo

Growing a business is hard – even harder if you haven’t got the working capital to back it up. With GrowthLine, the flexible lending product from Growth Street, you can unlock cash tied up in assets like stock and unpaid invoices and use it to reach your business goals.

CreditLadder logo

With CreditLadder, you can add monthly rent payments to your Experian credit history, which may give you access to better deals on loans, credit cards, mobile phones, or even that elusive mortgage. The integration with Starling automatically reports your rent payments from our app, ramping your credit score up a notch – or three.

DLG logo

Keep your home and its contents safe and sound with Churchill Insurance. Once you’ve integrated the nodding bulldog with your Starling account, getting a home insurance quote couldn’t be easier – and you can kick things off directly from your app.

FreeAgent logo

FreeAgent’s accounting software is designed to meet the needs of small businesses, contractors, freelancers and their accountants. It makes admin easier and frees you up to concentrate on your business. Once you integrate your Starling business account with FreeAgent, you’ll be able to automatically share your transaction feeds in real time.

Xero logo

Cut down on admin, digitise your finances from start to finish and spend more time on what’s important: growing your business. Integrate your Starling business account with Xero to share your transaction feed with your accounting software instantly and in real time.

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Wealthify Wealthify offers ISAs and low cost investments in a number of funds that contain shares, bonds, property and commodities. The figures shown are for illustrative purposes, and are not an indication of future returns.

PensionBee logo

PensionBee are the first provider to be in the Starling Marketplace. You can discover them in our Marketplace, create an account with them or link any existing accounts you may already have with them. It's then possible to view your pension balance and information from within Starling, making your financial life simpler!

Flux logo

Flux are on a mission to get rid of paper receipts and change the way people think about loyalty cards. The integration with our Marketplace means that Starling customers can see a detailed receipt listing each item they've bought, the VAT and any available loyalty stamps at selected retailers. Find out more.


Wealthsimple is an online investment manager that combines user-friendly digital tools and personal investment advice to make smart, automated investing available to everyone. With no minimum account size and low fees, Wealthsimple makes investing simple, accessible, affordable and personalised.

Yoyo logo

Yoyo Wallet allows users to collect points and rewards by shopping at their favourite high street retailers. They use Starling's API to allow users to simply pay using their Starling account and collect points automatically.

Habito logo

Habito is a free online mortgage broker, bringing the mortgage application process into the 21st century. They combine technology and human expertise to make mortgage applications and re-mortgaging simpler, faster and better. It not only brings the entire mortgage process online, but also ensures each customer is on the best possible deal for them at any given time.

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Why become a Partner?

The Starling Marketplace will become our customers’ go-to place for financial products. As a Marketplace partner, your app will be showcased in our curated Marketplace as an option for our customers to integrate with.

Benefits of being in the Starling Marketplace.

  • New customer acquisition
  • Simplified signup experience for new users
  • Increased frequency of interactions with customers
  • Enhanced customer experience

Once you’re in the Starling Marketplace, you’ll be able to reach potential customers who may choose to create a new account with you or pull data they have with you, into Starling.

Customers will be able to view all of their financial data for a simple and transparent overview of their money and financial products. They’ll also be able to do basic transactions from their Starling account, for example, moving money directly into an ISA.




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P2P Investing

Can’t see your category? Get in touch and we can chat about it. If you’re interested in joining, we’d love to hear from you – just register below.

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Access and use Starling's Open API

External providers can also gain access to Starling’s Open API, visit our Starling Developers site for more information on this. With customer consent, you could use Starling data to optimise your product and improve customer experience.

MoneyDashboard logo

Money Dashboard is a free personal finance assistant that empowers people to save, spend and borrow more efficiently by helping them manage all their bank accounts in one app. Starling users can set budgets to monitor spending and use a planner to forecast their Savings Goals so they know exactly when they’ll meet their target.

See all your money in one place and use powerful, market-leading tools to achieve your goals

Emma logo

Emma is the financial advocate that helps you avoid overdrafts, find and cancel subscriptions, track debt and save money. They have integrated with Starling Bank's API to help users view all their finances in one place. Emma is not integrated in the Starling Marketplace but is authorised to request access to your Starling data.

Yolt logo

Yolt, the smart money app backed by ING, has integrated Starling Bank's API to allow users to view their Starling Bank account details and transactions alongside their other bank accounts. Yolt and Starling are taking advantage of the latest developments in banking and Open API to bring a useful new experience to users.

MoneyBox logo

Moneybox has integrated the Starling API so they can help our customers reimagine their small change. Starling customers can now round up their purchases to the nearest pound and invest the change in companies such as Netflix, Unilever and Disney.

Tail Tail

Tail is built from the ground up using the Starling API, in order to give Starling account holders cashback offers from retailers without the fuss of loyalty cards or codes — Starling customers can simply shop at any of the locations with their Starling card to redeem money directly to their account at the end of the week.

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