At Starling, we’re on a mission to help people feel good about their money – but we can’t do it alone. Our Marketplace offers up a range of complementary services, which customers can link to their Starling account to manage their finances more easily – whatever that looks like for them.

Reasons to work with Britain’s Best Bank

Collaborate with a new kind of bank and start a long-term and mutually-rewarding relationship.

New customer acquisition

Starling’s Marketplace puts your product at the fingertips of our engaged and ever-growing customer base. It’s one of our most popular features and as our customer base continues to surge, our active integration figures continue to increase, week on week.

First-class tech

Our Public API goes beyond industry standards so it’s possible to create truly exceptional integrations. While some high street banks are still getting to grips with open banking, we’ve been winning awards and creating some of the best API docs in the industry.

Simple onboarding

We want you to start life as a Marketplace provider as quickly as possible – so we keep onboarding beautifully simple. Our speedy onboarding process includes a comprehensive integration guide, a clear due diligence questionnaire and a standard contract. Less chit chat, more build. Simple.

Increased profile

Integrations deliver positive PR results, spikes in new users, co-marketing opportunities, events and national awareness. From multi-channel marketing launches to in-life events, we like to make a lot of noise about our Marketplace partnerships. Let’s make it your product that’s been talked about.

Always challenging

Starling isn’t your average bank. We’re passionate about helping people to feel good about managing their money, so we’re constantly thinking about how we can go further to improve customers’ everyday lives. Collaborate with us to redefine what’s possible.

A digital experience like no other

As a digital bank – and the first in the UK to be mobile-only – we love creating beautiful digital user experiences. Our Marketplace integrations are no different; reap the benefits of users who, word has it, actually enjoy accessing their bank account.

Marketplace image

Our tech

Marketplace providers can take advantage of Starling’s industry-leading API infrastructure. This includes:

  • Two-way OAuth integrations

    Unlike traditional referral models, Starling’s Marketplace is based on deeper integrations using open APIs. Improved connection security and the potential to create those truly delightful user journeys: it’s a win-win situation.

  • Starling’s Public API

    Enjoy building to an API defined, developed and still operated by the engineers disrupting finance. This provides the benefits of PSD2 compliance and the flexibility to do more. We’re such big fans we’ve built a whole bank on it. And, thanks to a culture of continuous iteration we’re always improving, which means you are too.

  • Developer support

    With our developer portal and Slack channels, you’ll have direct access to Starling’s engineers for problem-solving, the onboarding process – and whatever else you might need along the way.

  • More than Open Banking

    We do plan to release an Open Banking specification API in 2020. But given how much more you can do with Starling’s Public API - attachments, receipts, savings goals (check out our API docs) - why would you want to limit your creativity?

Our values


Our customers don’t all look the same, so we like to offer a range of partners across all sorts of different verticals, and ensure there’s something for everyone.

The Starling Promise

We don’t think our customers should pay more to access services via our Marketplace. So we’ve made a promise to our customers that they will never pay more for products on the Starling Marketplace than they would by purchasing direct from our partners.


Transparency is embedded in everything we do and say to our customers, and our Marketplace integrations are no exception. Wherever we take commission, we disclose it in-app.

Long term

We’re in it for the long haul and look for relationships that align with our long-term goals, plans and values.

Join our world

From household names such as Churchill Insurance and Xero to cutting-edge fintechs like Nimbla and Credit Ladder, the Starling Marketplace hosts some of industry’s best. Join the party and reap the rewards today.


It’s a win-win long-term relationship. Innovation and collaboration between CreditLadder and Starling brings new benefits to customers’ lives which is something that we are both aligned on.

  • Asa Bentley, Operations Director, Credit Ladder


For us, the principal benefit has been to gain access to Starling’s business account holders. We have also gained really positive PR benefits as a result of the partnership.

  • Henry Newby, Commercial Director, Digital Risks

Get in touch

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