Current Account Switch Service

Switch your current account to Starling

Streamline your finances and get total visibility over your money by switching your current account over to Starling today with the Current Account Switch Service.

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Custom Saving Spaces

Create visual spaces within your account for all your saving goals. Money is ring-fenced from your main balance.

Powerful Spending Insights

Understand where your money goes each month with detailed breakdowns of your spending habits and behaviours.

Easy Bills Management

When you’re paid, Bills Manager puts money for all your bills aside at once, and pays them automatically.

24/7 Customer Support

Chat to our UK-based team in the app whenever you need to. If you're awake, then so are we.

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Simple & stress free switching

The whole process is quick, safe, and Starling will handle most of it for you.

Apply for a Starling account

Simply fill out the form below to start your application.

Pick a switch date

Once your account is open, you can start the switching process in-app and we’ll send a request to your old bank to confirm the switch.

We’ll do the rest

We’ll close your old account and move your balance, salary, Direct Debits and standing orders to your Starling account.

It's as easy as that! Your old bank will even make sure that any payments made to your old account are redirected to your Starling account, and let the sender know your new bank details.

Why switch to Starling?

  • 100% digital sign up (goodbye branches)
  • 24/7 UK-based customer support
  • Track your goals with Saving Spaces
  • Instant notifications when you spend or receive money
  • No fees overseas
  • Spending Insights and analytics
  • Lock your card in the app for added security
  • Round Ups: save the change from every transaction and save on autopilot
  • Your money is protected by the FSCS up to £85k
  • Deposit cheques by taking a photo
  • Organise and pay bills with Bills Manager
  • Track your spending across 56 categories and make savings
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