Historically, women working in finance and banking have been in the minority. However this isn’t because of a lack of talent. Moreover, research shows that having more women in leadership roles directly correlates to a positive increase in both innovation in business and the success of the companies they work for. That’s why we are committed to giving the women at Starling all the necessary tools to achieve all that they can, leading to greater creativity and better decisions. And it’s why we’re passionate about supporting the initiatives of the Women in Finance Charter.

“Being a woman working in finance is tough. I often say that women have to work twice as hard, for twice as long to get as far as men at work. However, at Starling I get to work with very intelligent men and women and be supportive of both. This is immensely rewarding.” Anne Boden, CEO

We work hard to be an inclusive workplace – one that strongly believes what you know is more important than your gender, race, religion or anything else. From our CEO, Anne Boden, to the women behind the scenes, helping to build our bank – ours is a culture of equality that travels right through the Starling team.

Making finance an industry that is accessible to all is a core value for our company. As a fintech we know that technologists are redefining the status quo in finance – and we stand by the fact that fintech also has the opportunity to become the blueprint for gender equality in finance as well. As part of this, we are determined to advocate and highlight the successes of women at Starling, in fintech, and in finance more widely.

Therefore, we are proud to announce we are committed to fulfilling the following target:

Signing up to the charter takes us one step further in our commitment to gender equality in finance. We hope that our attitude and mindset of inclusivity and transparency will encourage others to do the same.

“To be surrounded by such a diverse team at Starling is both reassuring and rare, which never fails to make me feel at home in the office despite it being about as far from Silicon Valley as possible.” Megan Caywood, Chief Platform Officer

“Starling are a very inclusive bunch of people with a real community feel. They understand the importance every member of the team plays, no matter male or female. It wasn’t long before I felt right at home.” Sarah Guha, Product Director

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