Parent, carer, legal guardian

“Today I am going to be adding you to my account with Starling Bank.

But before I do, let’s talk about the information they’ll need about you”


“They’re going to need information about me? I hope they keep it safe.”

What information they’ll need about you?

  • As they’re a bank, they need to know who you are so they know it’s you using the card. With this information they can also keep your money safe.
  • So what will they ask for?
  • They will need information like your name, your birthday, and the year you were born.
  • What information will they use to know it's me?
  • Well, the bank will ask me for information that tells them who I am, but we might have to give them extra information about you if they ask us.
  • Will they know how much money I have and when I spend my pocket money?
  • They need to be able to see the date and time you used your bank card to spend your money, where you spent your money and how much you spent.

But why?

  • You told me not to talk to strangers or tell them about myself, so should I tell the bank?
  • Well remembered! But they need the information so they know it’s really you spending money, and not somebody else (and so they can put your name on the card).
  • That makes sense! I like buying myself treats. So, will they know what I’m spending my money on?
  • Yes, the bank will know it is you using the card, how much you spend and where you spent your money, but they won’t know exactly what you’ve bought. This helps them keep track of how much money you have and also gives them all the information they need to let you spend your money. Remember, this is your card and it’s important that you keep it safe.
  • Will I be able to see my money and spending on my phone?
  • Yes, if we download the app for your phone, you will be able to see how much money you have and where you are spending it.
  • Does this mean they will need more information about me?
  • Yes, they will also need to know what type of phone or tablet you have so that the app will work on your phone.
  • Your phone will also talk to Starling’s computers to help them keep your money safe and help them fix any problems if something goes wrong.

Who sees my information?

  • So who gets to see my name, my birthday and where I spend my money?
  • Some of the people who work at Starling can see it, but they aren’t allowed to share it with anyone else. They have to keep it to themselves, and they can only see the information when I speak to them or if they need to help us.
  • Like an undercover agent, that sounds fun.
  • We’ll also both be able to see your spending in my Starling app.
  • Will anyone who does not work at Starling be able to see my information?
  • They will need to share some of the information with the people who make and run your bank card, but they won’t give any of your information to anyone else.

Is it safe and do they keep it forever?

  • Will they keep my information forever?
  • No, forever is a long time but it will be kept for up to six years and maybe longer if they need to.
  • That’s a long time, but not as long as forever. And how will they keep it safe? Will it be locked away?
  • Yes – in something called a database, which is like a big safe that only gets opened by certain people at Starling (they’re the ones who are specially trained and know the password).

But it’s my data, don’t I have a say?

  • Can I tell them what to do with my information?
  • Yes, you have what the bank calls ‘rights’. We can both ask them to tell us what information they have about you. We can also tell the bank if your information is wrong and they’ll change it. All either of us have to do is give them a call or send them an email.
  • That makes sense, what if we asked them to delete it?
  • Yes, we can ask them to delete it and they will if they can. If they’re not allowed to then they can store it in a special way so that no one can use it.
  • But, always remember: if you’re not sure, don’t share your information until you have talked to me. I’ll be able to explain and help you do the right thing.

Who makes these rules?

  • There are also people who make sure the bank follow the rules.
  • What, information police?
  • You could say that, but the bank have someone called a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who is a bit like a teacher. They make sure the bank are keeping your information safe.
  • Oh good, but who makes sure they do their job and they follow the rules?
  • There is a business called the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), and they make sure that the bank and the DPO follow the rules. And if they don’t, they’ll get told off!
  • How do you speak to them?
  • We can email or write to them, just like with the bank.
  • Just remember:

    You have a right for your information to be private and safe but I have to be able to see what you are doing so I can keep you safe too.

    I will be able to see:

    • How much you spend
    • Where you spend your money, including the shop’s name and location
    • How often you use your card
    • I will get notifications on my phone when you use your card

    I will be able to:

    • Put money into your account, but also take money out
    • Know how much money you have left
    • Know your PIN for your card
    • Lock your card and unlock your card (which helps if you ever lose it)
    • Order a new card if yours is lost, taken or gets broken. I will need to pay a small fee if this happens more than once
    • Select where you can use your card
    • Remove your app access (in case you lose your phone or tablet)
  • That’s a lot of information! But I’m glad that the bank is going to keep my information and money safe.

    Today I’ve learned that:

    • I have control of my information
    • You can see and help me with my spending
    • You can ask the bank for my information
    • They don’t keep my information forever
    • The staff are trained to keep my information safe
    • Why they need my information
    • Who sees my information
    • The DPO make sure the bank follow the rules
    • The ICO make sure everyone follows the rules
    • If I’m unsure to ask you and we can decide together

Now we’re happy with how they keep your information safe.

Let’s get you your card.

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