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Annual Report 2023

Our best
year yet.

Download our report for the financial year ended 31 March 2023, and take a detailed look at our most successful 12 months to date.See our highlights below

Starling Bank FY23 Highlights

Our pre-tax profit was £195m...

...which is a x increase compared to 2022.

Our revenue is up too, by % year-on-year...

...and our lending increased by %, driven by our growing mortgage book

Mobile phone paying using a virtual card

We released a range of new products and features...

...which helped us rank #1 for Overall Service Quality in the CMA’s survey of thousands of customers.

In the UK, we now serve 9.4% of the SME current account market, and over 2.4% of the retail current account market...

...and processed more than £ billion in transactions in the last year.

Annual Report 2023

Our year at a glance.

Before Tax
£195mFY22: £32m
£453mFY22: £216m
31.7%FY22: 9.3%
Average Revenue per
Active Customer
£203FY22: £125
Unit Contribution£165FY22: £88
Gross Lending£4.9bnFY22: £3.3bn
Loan-to-deposit Ratio46.2%FY22: 36.4%
Total Accounts3.6mFY22: 2.8m

The magic of Starling is not just the brand, but also our technology. When we set out to build Starling, we decided that it was only possible with technology crafted by our own engineers so that we could solve big problems that had been shied away from by big bank tech.”

Anne Boden

Founder & CEO

Read more in the full report.

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