Dissolved businesses

If your business has been dissolved, The Companies Act 2006 states that property, cash and any other assets owned by a company when it is dissolved automatically pass to the Crown.

When Starling Bank becomes aware that your business has been dissolved, we will follow these Government guidelines.

Unfortunately, by law Starling cannot grant you access to the funds remaining in the business account after your company is dissolved. However you can apply to restore your company and may then be able to reclaim any company assets that passed to the Crown (less costs).

Find out more about restoring a company to the Companies House register.

If you have submitted an application to restore the company to the Companies House register and would like to open another business current account with Starling for the same company, we will be glad to review your request once the application process is complete and the company is fully restored.

Businesses in liquidation

If your business is in the process of being liquidated, a liquidator will be appointed and will subsequently take control of the company’s bank account. This means that your account will be restricted (preventing payments out), until we receive instructions as to how to deal with the funds in the account from the relevant liquidator. The account can continue to receive payments.

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