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Empowering fast-growing fintechs, agency banks and corporate treasurers, our suite of accounts provides the building blocks to create and develop innovative, scalable financial products and services, integrated with all the leading payment rails. Create single-level or multi-level hierarchies with dedicated accounts for inflows and outflows, assign account numbers to clients or safeguard client funds, including CASS-compliant accounts.

Who’s Eligible?

Our wholesale payments and accounts services are available to regulated Payment Service Providers.

Examples include: banks, payroll and card payments providers

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Accounts for Payment Service Providers

Eligibility criteria applies

Segregated account

Send and receive payments on behalf of your customers while keeping customer funds segregated from your firm’s own funds.

Operational account

We offer a business account for your funds and operational payments, such as supplier and salary payments.

Safeguarding account

Place client funds in a designated, separate account to meet your regulatory obligations.

CASS account

Delivered under the Client Assets Sourcebook framework, CASS accounts are suitable for regulated financial institutions with their own respective client money permissions.

Virtual accounts

Unique addressable account(s) linked to a segregated payments account or an operational account. This is a way of tracking one single balance and having multiple underlying accounts linked to the balance. Say goodbye to multiple payment accounts and hello to scalable and efficient reconciliation.

Unlimited accounts from your own sort code

How it works

Using our state-of-the-art APIs, our customers are able to open unlimited numbers of virtual accounts at no extra cost from their own addressable UK sort code, without the friction of traditional account structures.

All accounts are linked to a single GBP or settlement account for greater visibility of funds, easy reconciliation and more centralised business processes.

The overall balance is held at an account level but gives you the freedom to create as many virtual addresses as you need, with FPS and Bacs addressable sort code and account numbers.

Please note: Our Safeguarding and Segregated Accounts are available only to clients using our Payment Services.


Own your sort code

Gain access to fully addressable accounts with your own UK sort code.

Make real-time payments a reality

Instantly send and receive money using the latest payment rails, with real-time access.

Reconciliation, revolutionised

Simplify reconciliation with dedicated accounts for inflows and outflows and a balance rolling up into the master account.

Customise your product

Create and innovate compelling products for your customers on top of our infrastructure. Spend more time on your business.

Cost saving

Pay for one account, and have access to as many virtual accounts as your business needs.


All opened and managed by one simple API, through a single, seamless integration.

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