Starling’s latest gender pay gap figures (2021), show that the median gender pay gap has decreased from 15.62% to 10.34%, while the mean has narrowed from 21.27% to 16.05%.

Gender pay gap 2020 - 2021

Mean Median
2021 16.05% 10.34%
2020 21.27% 15.62%

These figures don’t mean that women are paid less for equal work than men; they are calculated based on an average of what Starling pays all men and women regardless of their role. Pay gap reports are published in April, based on figures from the previous April.

The data shows that on average, women at Starling earn £83.95 for every £100 earned by men. When you use the median - the midpoint of all salaries - women earn £89.66 for every £100 earned by men.

Proportion of women and men in highest paying roles

2021 Women Men
Q1 - Upper quartile 26% 74%
Q2 - Upper middle quartile 41% 59%
Q3 - Middle lower quartile 49% 51%
Q4 - Lower quartile 47% 53%

In 2021, women occupied 26% of jobs in the highest-paying quartile, the same level as in 2020. It’s the greater number of men than women in higher paid roles that mostly explains the gender pay gap at Starling.

Bonus pay gap, 2021

Proportion of women receiving a bonus 3.26%
Proportion of men receiving a bonus 3.10%
Mean bonus pay gap 56.15%
Median bonus pay gap 0.00%

Unlike many traditional banks, Starling does not award annual bonuses. The figures above relate to a very small number of employees and were awarded in respect of our long term incentive schemes, such as share awards.

We endeavour to make continued progress towards eliminating our gender pay gap as we believe that this is the right thing to do, and is in line with our purpose and values.

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