Women’s football deserves to stand apart from men’s football – it warrants its own space and story. Starling is the only bank in the UK founded by a woman, so equality is in our DNA.

We’re on a mission to give women and girls more access to football. Helping with confidence, life skills and a sense of community, we believe what starts on the pitch will ripple into social change.

But there’s still work to be done.

Here’s how we’re changing the game for good:

January 2023:

Kick On

Growing the women and girl’s football community

A women’s club that needs a step up? We can help. A men’s club that wants to expand with a girl’s team? The time is now. A group of school friends who never even liked football before? Sounds like a team in the making!

In partnership with Gift of Kit, clubs and schools across the UK had the chance to apply for free Starling branded kit, equipment and FA affiliated coaching vouchers.

Find out more about Gift of Kit.

October 2022 - 2025:

Southampton FC Women

Championing the team as the official principal partner

Why Southampton FC Women?

  • It’s a Starling base! In 2019 we opened our office in Southampton – and we’re continuing to grow our team there.
  • All women’s home games are scheduled to be played at St Mary’s – the same stadium as the men’s. The women also have access to the same changing and training facilities. Only a limited number of Women’s Super League clubs offer this.
  • In May 2022, the club’s women’s programme turned professional for the upcoming season, which means the whole team trains full-time.

August 2022:

SportsAid Athlete Awards

Supporting girls before the main stage

In partnership with SportsAid, we have awarded £1,000 each to five young footballers – all girls aged 18 and under. These grants went towards travel costs, coaching, gym sessions – and even new football boots!

One of the rewarded players, Maddy Earl, 15, explains what the game means to her: “Football has become a way to express myself. It gives me an opportunity to learn and everything I learn is beneficial, not just in football but in life.”

August 2022:

Starling Bank Club Programme Grant

From glory to grassroots

Currently, only 63% of schools offer girls the chance to play football as much as the boys in P.E. To tackle this, we supported 23 clubs across England with £1,000 grants to help them grow their women and girls community.

What did they do with the money? All kinds of things – from facilities and kit, to marketing and advertising, volunteer management and coaching. One club even used the money to recruit a new Head of Women and Girls Football!

July 2022:

UEFA Women’s EURO 2022

It’s Our Time to change the game

As a national sponsor of the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022, the #OurTime campaign celebrated and championed women’s football. Our ambassadors included Lauren Hemp, Jill Scott MBE and Rachel Yankey MBE. An up-and-coming star, a footballer with 150 caps, and the first professional female player to be registered in England.

The UK’s First Fantasy Football for the UEFA Women’s EURO

There were hundreds of Fantasy Football games for men’s tournaments, but not enough for women. So we built the UK’s First Fantasy Football for the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022!