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  • We’re a tech business with a banking licence, authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority since July 2016 and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

    Our vision is to give everyone in the world the opportunity to enjoy a healthy financial life.

  • If you’re over 18 years old and a resident in the UK, you can apply to open a Starling Bank current account today. Download the Starling app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, we’ll run some quick checks, ask you for an acceptable photo ID and a video selfie and in minutes, if everything’s looking okay, you’ll be up and running.

    We’re in beta right now and we’re currently working through our waitlist. If you’re new to Starling, install the app and submit your mobile number. We’ll let you know how long the current wait is in-app and will message you with your Starling Pass invitation to open an account as quickly as we can.

  • We focus on one product — a mobile only bank account — and are striving to make it the best in the world.
    We pay interest at 0.5% AER on balances up to £2,000 and 0.25% on balances above £2,000, up to £85,000.

    *Annual Equivalent Rate (AER): the rate of interest you would receive over a year if you were to put your money in your account and leave it there. AER is a common way of showing interest rates on current accounts which you can use to compare different banks’ rates.
    In addition to the bank account, we will offer our customers access in-app to a marketplace of innovative financial products and services.

  • There is no fee to have a Starling Bank current account.
    We do not charge fees for using your card abroad.
    We do not charge unauthorised overdraft fees.
    We do not charge you for withdrawing money from ATMs.

  • Can I apply for an overdraft?
    When you open an account with Starling, you may be offered an overdraft subject to some quick checks about you with a Credit Reference Agency to make sure we’re offering you an overdraft that’s both affordable and manageable.

    What interest is charged?
    If you do have an overdraft with us, we charge interest at 15% EAR* – this is the actual rate you will pay (we may update rates from time to time). Interest is accrued daily, charged monthly and it’s all updated in your app.

    *Equivalent Annual Rate (EAR): the rate of interest you would pay over a year if you were to remain overdrawn. An EAR is a common way of showing interest rates on overdrafts which you can use to compare different banks’ interest rates. An EAR does not include fees that some banks may charge you in addition to interest. Starling does not charge additional fees.

    We understand that everyone can slip up from time to time so if your total overdraft interest charges are less than 10p at the end of any given month, we will waive your interest charge for that month.

    What can I do if I’m struggling to pay off my overdraft?
    Starling’s budgeting tools are there to help you. But if you do end up struggling and feel like you’re stuck, we will try to help — contact customer support in-app via Live Chat, message or phone. Also, free debt counselling, debt adjusting and providing of credit information services is available from the Money Advice Service. You can find out more by visiting the Money Advice Service website.

  • You can fund your account in app using a card from your mobile wallet or your debit card; at the moment there is a limit of £250 per day.

    And not to worry if you want to add more than that. The best way to do it is to do a bank transfer directly from another bank account using your Starling account number and sort code. Starling is part of the Faster Payments network which means the money usually arrives instantly in your account, but occasionally can take up to two hours if your bank isn’t part of the network.

    Of course, you can make Starling Bank your main bank account by using the in app Current Account Switching Service. With the service you can choose your switch date, so long as you allow at least seven working days and make sure that the date doesn’t land on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday.

  • No. If you do decide you’d like to switch (yippee), you can do so easily using the Current Account Switching Service (CASS) in-app, which comes with a Current Account Switch Guarantee. The Guarantee means in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you can be confident that any interest or charges you incur as a result of any problem with your switch will be refunded.

    For iOS users, it’s an option to partially switch some of your regular payments (although it’s not covered by the Guarantee). We’re currently working on the partial switch service for our Android users.

  • The app is available on both iOS and Android!

  • Yes, Apple Pay is now available to iOS customers.

    To add your Starling Bank debit card, simply update to the latest version of the app, go to the Card Management screen and tap on ‘Add to Apple Wallet’.


  • Yes, it’s in the pipeline and we’re aiming for it to be ready in a few months.

  • The Starling card is the ultimate travel buddy — welcome anywhere you see the Mastercard acceptance logo.

    Starling will not add any fees or charges when using your card abroad. Mastercard foreign exchange rates will apply for transactions outside the UK or online in foreign currency. It’s also free to withdraw domestic and foreign cash from an ATM outside the UK (remember you may be charged by the ATM provider, the same as in the UK).

    Take a look at our pricing policy for more info: www.starlingbank.com/legal/account/pricing/

  • There’s no need to let us know if or when you’re heading overseas, you can carry on using your card as usual. That’s one less life admin task to do before you head off abroad!

    If you do feel you need to add a layer of security, you can instantly lock your card within the app from the Card Management section, then unlock again when you’re ready to.

  • Right now, we’re concentrating on creating the best mobile-only personal current account in the world. Keep your eyes peeled for future developments.

  • You can make up to six withdrawals per day, with a maximum total withdrawal per day of £300.

  • Get in touch with our Customer Service team directly from the app if you’d like to deposit cash in to your account.

  • Yes, a cheque can be deposited if the cheque is made out in your name and in Sterling GBP. On the back of the cheque, please clearly write your last name and Starling account number.

    The cheque can be mailed to Starling Operations Team, PO Box 74202, London SW1P 9SG.

  • If you lose your phone, get in touch with Customer Support via the website Live Chat, email or phone as quickly as you can. We will then disable the app from your missing device. You’ll be able to recover your account on any new device (temporary or permanent) by logging in with the same details.

  • Rooted devices and custom ROMs are not compatible with the Starling app security features. If your Android device is rooted, our app won’t be able to run. You’ll need an un-rooted device to create and use your Starling account.

  • We’ve built a full-stack bank which means that we’ve created as much of our own systems as we physically can, from scratch. Essentially, this means designing software that’s resilient, fast and secure making our banking technology completely unique.

  • When I open an account with Starling, will my money be safe?
    Yes, your money is secure within your Starling account. Starling Bank is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Your Starling Bank account is also protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). In the unlikely event that the bank were to become insolvent, your eligible deposits are protected up to £85,000. To find out more, go to fscs.org.uk.

    What about my information? Is that safe?
    The protection and security of your personal data is of paramount importance to us. We use advanced data encryption and storing technologies that ensure your personal information and transactions are sent and stored securely. Our privacy policy provides more information on what data we collect and how it gets used.

    You can also read more about how we keep your account secure on our blog.

  • The Starling Marketplace puts your Starling Bank account at the centre of a wider financial ecosystem. It works by integrating a range of products and services in the app, which give you choice as well as control over your money. Imagine, for example, being able to move money with one swipe, from your account into an investment or peer-to-peer lending platform. Or you’ll be able to check out different mortgage options from fintech companies, other banks, and so on, all from within the Starling app.

    When will I be able to use TransferWise and Moneybox with Starling?
    Because we’re in beta, we’re rolling out new features regularly. The Moneybox integration is now available on iOS and Android. Our partnership with TransferWise will be available later this year on both Android and iOS.

  • I had the Apple TestFlight version of Starling — how do I get the App store app?
    All you need to do is download from the App Store and log in like normal.

    I am on the beta and already got the app from Google Play — do I need to do anything?
    No, you don’t need to do a thing, just continue using Starling as normal.

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