Money Talks: VCs Take The Stage by Innovate Finance

15th June 2017

East Wintergarden

43 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London
E14 5NX • UK


Entrepreneurs go to VCs for money. But what if the tables were turned and investors had to pitch to entrepreneurs? We put VCs in the hot seat and get them on stage to do just that – before a group of startups. Find out the FinTech community’s judgement – and learn from the masters of investment. What sets VCs apart? Does money always talk or is there more to investment than cash? Our event gets VCs to demystify venture capitalism by talking about their experiences, investment ethos, size and influence. The VCs will hail from different major FinTech hubs around the world and together will battle it out before a ‘dragon’s den’ – style panel of FinTech startups seeking investment.

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