FT - PA Consulting Group Executive Innovation Briefing - Making Leaders Fit for Purpose

13th June 2017

Financial Times Headquarters

One Southwark Bridge, London
SE1 9HL • UK


The Financial Times, in partnership with PA Consulting, present a unique Breakfast Briefing forum. Using an innovative lens, discussion will focus on the role of a leader, how they need to be fit for purpose, and the culture of innovation they need to create. Executives and innovators alike will map out the skills needed and the path towards embedding an innovative culture in every organisation. The briefing will focus on two key questions: One, what are the key skills and traits required of today’s innovative leaders? And two, how should organisations build internal cultures that nurture innovation?

Focusing on the role of a leader, large multinational corporations have extensive infrastructure and firm legacies that can swiftly repel change. They can also dismiss the warning signs that change is required. To counter this, leaders need to pick up on these signs faster than ever.

Having these visionary traits, and defining the future role of a company accordingly, will create an environment where purposeful innovation thrives. Innovation that is purposeful gives clarity to a company’s workforce. It helps create an ecosystem where a willingness to fail is encouraged, and where employees recognise the need to be networkers more than specialists. If this ecosystem can be created then a leader can helm an enterprise into sustainable growth.