4th of April 2019


The Living Room, The Hoxton, Shoreditch, London

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Starling is a technology company on a mission to change banking for the better. Having raised £233 million since foundation we’re in a great place to accelerate our product roadmap and expand significantly.

Join Anne Boden (CEO), John Mountain (CIO), Steve Newson (Director of Technology) and others from Starling Bank for an exclusive evening of discussion about the technology behind Starling. The best tech companies refuse to accept the trade-off between reliability and speed of delivery and always aim for both. This is a chance to learn how Starling is solving this problem whilst operating within the highly-regulated environment of banking.

Taking place at the Living Room at The Hoxton in Shoreditch on the 4th of April, this free event is an opportunity for conversation, networking and learning, accompanied by great food, drink and music. Talk to our engineers – and each other – to share insights on how to deploy more rapidly, how code can anticipate failure and how to build a scalable engineering culture, among other topics.

We’ll be kicking things off at 6.30pm with a quick welcome from Anne before diving straight into conversation with our engineers, so you can discover more about our approach to development.

Why should I attend?

If you’re a software engineer (front end, back end, mobile... all are welcome!) and you’re keen to hone your craft and speak with others in your industry over a few drinks – this is for you! It’s also free.

Sounds good. How do I sign up?

Just hit 'Register' on this page, send us your details, and we’ll let you know if you’re in. The aim is to encourage meaningful discussion and we’re keen to have the space filled with experienced engineers.