Starling Bank is designed to give you more control over your money – on mobile, on desktop, on your terms.

Here’s what to expect from the Best British Bank 2021:

  • Get set up in minutes. No paperwork, monthly fees or branch visits; apply for your free Starling account in just minutes.

  • Enjoy zero fees when you withdraw money or use your card abroad. You’ll get real Mastercard exchange rates and instant notifications in both currencies whenever you use your Starling card outside of the UK.

  • Get a spotlight on your spending. See what you’ve spent instantly with real-time payment notifications (no more Monday morning surprises!).

  • Make instant payments. We’re part of the Faster Payments network, which means (you’ve guessed it) you can make and receive payments faster. Instantly, in most cases.

  • Easy payback. Pay people or get paid back with a tap using Settle Up or Pay Nearby if they’re close by – no card readers or sort codes required!

  • Lock your card. Card gone missing? Lock it in-app temporarily while you look for it – or cancel it with a tap if you think it’s gone for good.

  • Send money abroad. Fast and secure money transfers to bank accounts in 39 countries worldwide.

Proud to be voted Best British Bank, Best Banking App, Best Current Account Provider & Best Business Banking Provider.

Best British Bank

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