The Starling Marketplace welcomes two new partners which, in unique but complementary ways, protect fast-growing companies from digital gremlins, online attacks and other unforeseen events.

Superscript was formerly known as Digital Risks.

We want our customers to be able to focus on their businesses knowing that if the worst occurs, they have the best protection. You wouldn’t leave your house without locking the doors and windows. So why would you leave your business exposed to emerging risks and backdoor vulnerabilities?

Professional errors and unforeseen events can cost your business dearly. All the more so if you run a digital business. In 2018, it has been estimated that as many as 130,000 SMEs in the UK were victims of some form of cybercrime at a cost of £13.6 billion.

Starling are introducing two partners to the Marketplace that are here to keep your business on cruise control even through a perfect storm – digital or otherwise. Business insurance provider Superscript and next-generation cybersecurity platform CyberSmart both provide easy-to-use services with beautifully simple user experiences making protecting your business easier than ever before.


Superscript is a completely new kind of insurance company that caters to fast-growing digital businesses. They provide flexible, straightforward and affordable insurance directly from the Starling Marketplace, the space in the app for third-party financial products and services.

Cameron Shearer, CEO of Superscript, explains, “Entrepreneurs don’t want to waste time sifting through insurance jargon. They’ve got bigger fish to fry. But they do need to be protected – and not just any protection either. In such a fast-moving digital world, there are always new risks to look out for, new threats on the horizon. Our mission is to offer insurance that makes sense for now and for the digital future.”

When you request a quote from Superscript, you’re given insights and smart tips along the way and your policy will be tailored to your needs. This way, you’ll be able to access the kind of customised insurance product traditionally only available from offline brokers that often have cumbersome and time-consuming application processes. With Superscript, it is all arranged digitally with minimum fuss and fees.

Insurance products offered by Superscript include:

  • Professional indemnity - covers your liability to customers for professional mistakes, errors or omissions in services you provide
  • Cyber security - covers your liability for failing to protect data, as well as penalties for not complying with data protection law
  • Employers liability - covers your liability to employees for bodily injury or work-related sickness including mental health issues blamed on stress
  • Public liability - covers your liability to members of the public for bodily injury or damage to their property
  • Commercial legal protection - covers compensation awards, professional fees and legal costs associated with a range of legal disputes
  • Contents and equipment - protects your property against theft, loss or damage
  • Management liability - covers the personal liability of your directors and officers for wrongful acts in managing the business


We’re also introducing CyberSmart, a next-generation cybersecurity firm, to the Starling Marketplace. Their innovative platform helps SMEs identify digital vulnerabilities, fix issues with a cloud-based dashboard, protect their devices and comply with cyber security standards – so businesses can proudly display the CyberEssentials (CE) accreditation to show customers that they take protecting their data seriously.

CyberSmart’s platform consists of software that can help prevent 80% of cyber attacks and implements standards recommended by the UK government. Certification, increasingly needed for customer/supplier contracts, is made simple thanks to their guided questionnaire and tips in plain English. They’ll also ensure that your employees and their devices are compliant 24/7 with their mobile and desktop apps.

Signing up through Starling

If you’d like to find out more or get a quote for your business, just head to Starling Marketplace and connect in app. Both Superscript and CyberSmart let you to get started in minutes. We automate your sign-up process, saving you form-filling time. And thanks to their competitive rates, you shouldn’t have to worry whether you can afford their plans – only if you can afford to be without them.

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