A month ago we put your #AskStarling questions to our CEO and founder Anne Boden, and since then we’ve been sharing the answers in a series of weekly videos on our social channels and the Starling blog.

In week one, Anne spoke about what we’re doing to improve banking for businesses. Week two’s video was all about our high-level plans for 2020 and beyond as we expand rapidly. In week three, Anne focussed in on our mission to change banking for the better.

For this fourth and final video in the #AskStarling series we’re zoning in on how our products and features will look in the future. We answer your questions on everything from digital cheque imaging to new budgeting tools powered by machine learning - tune in below and also look out for these future updates in the Starling Bank app.

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More #AskStarling coming soon

Thanks to everyone who joined the conversation with us. Fortunately, this isn’t goodbye for #AskStarling. Anne and other Starlings will be joining us again in the near future to answer more of your Starling Bank questions.

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